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i'móóóótyler huffmanóó live on campus....anóó if you work for minimum wage in san jose you can expect a raise. ....i'll have a live report student protest continues over tuition and fees on sjsu and other bay area campuses. the voters have decided prop 30 to fund schools... what it could mean for san jose state. update news starts now.
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hello and welcome to update news... im elliot alagueuzian. and i'm tim vantress... thanks for joining us. the passage of prop 30 would appear to be a cause for celebration...csu students will be getting tuition refunds but as briana villalobos reports this wasn't the case. " students at san jose state protested at the president's office regarding three new fee proposals that are coming up in the november 13th and 14th board of trustees meeting. "we're a little bit confused why should our fees be going up if prop 30 just passed? we're tryna get more money from the state. we just had this new source of income, but for some reason it's still necessary to raise our fees even more." the csu chancellor proposed three new fees in september
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that could potentially crutch students by insinuating that super seniors and those retaking courses are gaming and abusing the system. "students go through tough times. so i failed a class way back inthe day and that wasn't me gaming the system. what was i supposed to say, i failed calculus 2 jokes on you csu. it doesn't make any sense and the fact that the chancellor's throwing out these arguments just shows how out of touch with students he is." at uc berkeley, students had a walkout, when they found out that only csu students would get the $249 -tuition refund and not them and that the money for prop 30 wouldn't necessarily go back into the schools. "right now the money for prop 30 is not guranteed to necessarily go to public education, so unless we push to where it's supposed to go it will probably end up going to the general fund." the fee increase if approved would be the first time csus
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have used its fee structure to regulate academic choices. and students feel this proposal is pure extortion. in san jose, im briana villalobos update news" to clarify, a super senior is a student who has more units than required to graduate. csu officals say that increasing fees will encourage them to graduate within five years. thus freeing up space for new students. students may still be angry about the long-term fee increases, but many feel it would have been worse if proposition 30 failed. students and faculty are all breathing sighs of relief in the aftermath of the election. " proposition 30 garnered 53 percent of the vote, and while supporters celebrated, they also shuttered at what would have been if it were turned down. "if it didn't pass, there would have been a lot of costs that we would have had to bear in the future." (:08)
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(stat sheet) proposition 30 cancels the planned $250 million cut to the c-s-u system by adding $6 billion dollars annually through taxes. everyone in california will see a quarter of a percent increase in sales tax, and taxpayers making more than $250 thousand dollars will see various income tax inxreases. christy junkerman is a lecturer in the art department and is thankful that the voters put education at such a high priority. "it means a lot, i think to all of us. i think morale is high here today. people i've talked to have a little bit of extra cheerfulness." (:09) bridge: "they may be celebrating now, but there is still work to be done. this tax increase is only temporary, and expires in 2019. what's going to happen then?" president mohammed qayoumi sees the passing of prop 30 as a window of opportunity . . . a little bit of breathing room to find a permanent solution. "the state legislature, the governor, and officials will be able to work together and develop a funding mechanism both for education as a whole . . . k-12 as well as specifically for higher
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education" (:17) all this means students now have a sense of predictability regarding available classes and the cost of tuition. "i hope his breathing room will be a time that is well-spent by our legislators and our governor."" more will be said next week as the c-s-u board of trustees meets in long beach to discuss university system finances. san jose's measure d,which raises the city's minimum wage from eight to ten dollars, passed by a substatial margin. now other cities across the country are looking to do the same and credit can go to students here. tyler huffman is live on campus with the story. thats right elliot. a group of students was able to initiate and campaign for measure d. and it all started during a classroom discussion two years ago at s-j-s-u... " inside this building...
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in these hallways... in a classroom just like this... the campus alliance for economic justice group, also know as cafe j, came together to bring economic justice to san jose. the group created measure d during a class discussion... brooke wayne" "there was research, there was polling, there was petitioning, there was community organizing, there was phone banking, there was precinct walking, there was coilition building, there was a lot of steps." patrick quio participated in cafe j's debates on measure d, he thinks younger people have a louder voice than they think. patrick quio" "we're often told by the elites that we are not intelligent enough to engage in these type of issues, and with the recent passing of measure d, people in our age bracketdo have the power." sjsu president mohammad quayomi is proud of the students' work on the measure. quayomi" "it was satisfying to see a group of our students really get involved, really see a social issue. and take a
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stand and pursue that." "cafe j pushed their idea from the whiteboard to city hall and although they met plenty of opposition against measure d, they continued to fight until their voice was heard." mayor chuck reed signed a ballot argument against measure d, but acknowledged the effort of the sjsu student group. chuck reed" "the voters have spoken, so we will carry out the will of the voters. this all started at san jose state university so its a big win for the students." cafe j is already focused on their next campaign. patrick quio" "cafe j's work is not done. this is just a first step in a long line of steps to bring about full scale economic justice."" the measure will take effect in march of next year, so it will remain to be seen whether consumers will pay more or minimum wage workers will be laid off... reporting live on campus. tyler huffman. update news.
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san jose state had a election night watch party on tuesday night. and while the race for the presidency was expected to be close. the party was far from being a nail bitting atmosphere. " "and we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states we are and forever will be the united states of america." president barack obama was concilatory in his victory speech after defeated governer mitt romney...... a victory that was projected just 17 minutes after the polls closed in california. "depending on your views it was a mercifully quick election." pete haas is a political science prefessor who attended a party held by the master of public administration group...... he finds it strange how everything turned out. "it was interesting to see how things unfolded obviously president obama won relection which i think pleased most of the attendees." the attendees were a collection of grad and undergrad students who gathered at the saint claire hotel to witness american hior "america's never been about what can be donefor us it's about what can be done by us."
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the president of the mpa marlene gaucin was excited about the group hosting it's very first election party. "it's very excting this is the first year that this type of event has been done by this organization, we definitely appreciate the turnout." the next morning on campus some students were surprised at the margin of victory for obama........ and some weren't. "when i was in the art building it was really really even and then i got home and it had changed in like those 15 minutes and then obama won and i was disappointed."" "i mean both of my parents are republicans and they both voted for obama so i mean i kind of thought obama would win."" president obama stated in his victory speech that he will work closely with both the democratic and republican party to reduce the deficit and reforming the tax codes. joining us now is doctor melinda jackson of the san jose state university
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political science department thank you for being here. dr. jackson while preident obama won re election the numbers show that this country remains extermely do believe that will effect the way he governs the next four years?
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how does this election add to the debate over whether president should be elected through the electoral college vote or the popular vote? the republicans have suffered two consecutive order for them to compete with the democtaes in the next election... what will the republicans need to do?
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considering the sente is democratic and the house is republican will we continue to see grid lock in washington for the next four years. regarding the local issues in california were there any trends or surprises that you saw? thank you for your time we
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really apperciate your insight. the east coast continues to recover from the damage caused by superstorm sandy. the bay area is doing its part to help millions of people get back on their feet. update news' aziah douglas ... is live on campus with the story ... aziah. super storm sandy killed more than 100 on the east coast -- left millions of people without power ... and caused up to 50-billion dollars in damage. and people here on the west coast are still concerned for loved ones. " san jose state student achida sama ... felt helpless as he watched superstorm sandy slam into the east coast. " i felt like there was nothing i could do, but just sit in my corner and pray." sama's mother and sister live in new york and maryland. "i was calling them a lot. i was always texting them. i was trying to stay up to date on like the status of how severe hurricane sandy was." his family got through the
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storm okay ... but many people didn't. that's why local red cross volunteers are helping in shelters just like this one at a high school in new jersey. "the silicon valley chapter along with the three other chapters in the region which are they bay area, monterey, and santa cruz. all three chapters have had dedicated volunteers deployed to the east coast, right now we have 126 volunteers out there responding." and many people are helping in other ways ... like donating blood to replenish supplies back east. the red cross is also helping to connect family members separated by long distances. "we have something online called safe and well, you can look it up at and um that can help families give messaging to one another just letting them know..hey i'm on the east coast but i'm safe. you know, i'm at a red cross shelter right now. so to provide some comfort and relief." now with the worst of the storm over sama can breathe easy. " "luckily the worst didn't happen in their area, thank god. i know it's not that fortunate for other families out there.""
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president qayoumi suggests that students, with family that have been affected by superstorm sandy, who need extra support consider visiting our counseling services on campus. on campus, aziah douglas, update news. its that time of the year when people think more about helping the poor. and now a local organization which feeds a quarter of a million people every month has a new facility. since 1974 the second harvest food bank of santa clara and san mateo county has been working to give low income families and seniors food. its new building, located on north first street in san jose, has expanded to feed more people this holiday season. it is equipped with new large refrigerator and freezing units so now more perishable foods can be stored than in the past. last year the food bank distributed more than forty-five million pounds of food. " "our goal for canned food is 2 million pounds this holiday season. so by the end of december to collect 2 million pounds from the barrells you see at companies and at schools."" the food bank is preparing for the thanksgiving
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needs... contact the second harvest food bank at to donate food or even start your own food drive. don't look now but graduation is just around the corner. we will show you how students can prepare to walk the walk. an event on campus to help the disabled athletically compete on a level playing field.... but first we ask students where were you when you found out about the results of the election and what was your reaction? " "quote" i had gotten home from night class when i saw the final electoral count. uh, and i was satisfied with it. i think it was the right decision. "quote" well i got home, they were- the race was close- it was around 252 and 203 when i found out. and then that's when he got ele-after the 272? so i was home, we were excited, my dad and i were excited. "quote"
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i was at home, i was working on homework. um, was watching the jon stewart, colbert report on it just because i enjoy the kicks i'm getting out of it. "quote" i'm glad that obama gets to have his second term because now he can concentrate on the promises--well hopefully--i'm hoping that he'll concentrate on keeping those promises he's made during the campaign, since he doesn't have to worry about re-election." welcome back .... rashida gilmore is here with arts and entertainment...rashida whats going on? there is alot of exciting things going on but first lets talk about a very special event that i covered this week. on monday .... san jose state's kinesiology department held its 14th annual the disability sport expo ... the main goal is to educate the public about the wide variety of "dis-sports". it also was a chance to meet some remarkable people ... who are defying the odds in many ways. " shira leeder suffers from cerebral palsy ... boyfriend gary cromp has
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dyslexia. despite their challenges ... they continue to make a life together. (sot-shira)" "we want to be treated like everybody else...." she says they want to be treated like everybody else.s shira has a difficult time writing, speaking, hearing, and seeing, but she says there's something you have to do to stay strong (sot-shira) " "not to give up go for your dreams ..." she says don't give up, go for your dreams". she accomplished one of her biggest goals when she graduated from uc berkeley with honors where she earned a b.a in american studies. shira participated in the disability sport expo on campus where she told her story and demonstrated her favorite sport ... power soccer. many students and faculty members came out to support disabled athletes .... it's the kind of support dr. nancy meggison ... the founder of the expo .... wants to achieve. (sot-nancy) "a greater appreciation so that people would want to be involved in disability sports, they want to watch it, they want to cultivate it, and that it basically is impacted very positively, through this event". meggison has worked with shira for many years and says she has a remarkable drive. (sot-nancy) "oh she is extremely passionate about it, she believes in sport and how it
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can assist her" shira was also named ms. wheelchair california 2012 -- one of her proudest achievements. (sot-shira) " "on top of the world." she says she felt on top of the world ... it was one of her dreams. despite shira's positive outlook, gary says people can be condescending. (sot-gary)" "when we travel especially up and down this state and even outside of the state, the people coming over patting her on the head, telling "oh i feel so sorry for you, that your sister happens to be deaf and dumb and severely retarded". he says it's hard to change attitudes. (sot-gary)" "they should have the ability to not be so ignorant about disabilities, and people and not seeing them as normal people". but those who attended the expo ... took another step in the long journey to change attitudes about people with disabilities." there are 54 million disabled americans in the united states... about one out of five americans.
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preparations are already underway for students planning on graduation in december. at the spartan bookstore this week, the soon-to-be alums were taking their graduation photos....buying announcements and frames and of course--what would graduation be without you cap, gown and tassle. it was all part of a grad fair. gifts and clothing associate aimee thomas says students are a little discouraged with the cost. " (aimee thomas/ grad fair associate):"some people get really down when they see the prices, but most of the time they are super excited to be done with school."" if you missed the grad fair...not to worry. students can still buy all their graduation items at the spartan bookstore up until graduation. the spartan shops has extras like class rings, grad shirts, and tassles. for the first time -- san jose state university honored faculty and administrators who have recently authored or co-authored books .
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the author's award ceremony was held in the martin luther king library which had dozens of the authors' books on display. during 2011 and 2012 over 50 faculty members have written and published 63 books. professor jennifer madigan -- who co-authored a book -- says getting special recognition is very rewarding for a project that can take years to complete. " to pour your blood, sweat, and tears into a project that can take anywhere from 2 to 10 years and so this celebration this reward of being acknowledged brings a lot of closure to a long very lonely process of writing and publishing a book." this inaugural awards ceremony was created by provost ellen junn. and her aim is to continue to honor all faculty that author books annually. for the second month running students and faculty members are helping to make the art and dine festival a success. its held every first
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wednesday of every month. at the art and dine festival students show off their talent in music and art. the organizer says they have made progess since last month " "it's definitely grown, more people know were doing this the first wednesday of every month"." the festival will continue to run through the school year. it is from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm. the bowling alley in the student union is raising money for education. students can bring in a box top to the student union bowling alley for a free game. if you bring in more than one you get a free game plus free shoe rental. the box tops for education supports local schools to raise money to help with budget cuts. so far, it has been a popular promotion for the students. " it's been great, alot of people are really excited about it, its a cheap way to help out and also get some free bowling in, so alot of students have been really positive about it, so far." the student union will offer box tops for education until november 30th. thats all for arts and
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entertainment back to you guys. thanks rashida. the basketball season is under way what lies ahead for the spartan hoopsters. the football team is bowl eligable but is there a bowl available? but first we ask how would you feel if san jose state played in a bowl game? " "quote" i think that it would really actually get people going to football games. i know we have a lto of tailgates but a lot of times people don't actually make it to the games so hopefully this would pump students up to actually attend games and stay for the entire thing. "quote" i would be happy for them. i mean i know, uh, any schools that get to a bowl game they obviously get money for being there so that would be great for the school. uh, it would obviously be great fro the students and the alumni because that would be, i believe, a rare feat for them, um, but i'd be excited for them. i know they're having a great year and i hope it continues. "quote" i feel pretty surprised because i heard-i haven't really heard about them in any bowls in the last few years. "quote"
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hell yeah. it brings in money for the school and it uh, y'know, it raises awareness about the city of san jose as well as the school so, uh, only good things came out of um, the success of the team." lexy nuno is here with sports... whats going on? we got a couple of things going on but first lets talk about the possibilty of a bowl game. spartan football has the best record in 35 years...before any of the players were even born. " noel grigsby is the school record holder for career receptions and pass receiving yards...but there's one goal he hasn't reached...a bowl game.
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the spartans will play brigham young on the 17th at 7:30, which is a nationally televised game on espn 2. it's early november and that means college basketball is tipping off once again. the spartans are entering their final season in the wac conference as they transition to the mountain west conference next season. updates' bentli bejan has a preview of the spartan mens basketball team and its chances of going to a tournament this spring. " the spartans men's basketball team started off strong this year with a win in their exhibition game against the academy of art. led by d.j. brown who scored a team high 22 points the spartans won 88 to 54. "i think it was a good effort by everybody, it was good to be on the court against another team with the scoreboard and refs, and to see how we gel together, and ummm i think we played well, we did a good job." the spartans returning leading scorer james kinney only saw limited action in
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the game due to an injury but the team was well prepared. the spartans had been practicing for the start of the season officially since mid october and it's a much different team this year compared to last year. head coach -- george nessman -- says that's because the spartans have something they havent had for a while; athleticism and length. "its probably been a long time, since san jose state's had a team that's had a significant athletic advantage, and well have one against many of our opponents, not all of them, but against a number of our opponents, not all of them, but against a number of our opponents well have an athletic advantage." nessman has recruited a number of new players who bring the qualities he's looking for .... including 6'11 alex brown, 6'9 chris cunningham, 6'8 david andoh, and 7'2 mike vankirk. that's it for spartan sports back to you guys.
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thanks lexy. that'll do it for now. thanks for watching. be sure to check us out on facebook and twitter by searching 's-j-s-u update news.' see you again next week.
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(male announcer) how far would you go to help someone? would you cross a street? would you cross an ocean? would you go if you could use your knowledge to teach someone and, in the process, maybe learn something yourself?

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